Natural Photo Safaris


What Are They?

 Photography instructional classes designed to improve the essence of your images with some work on the function of your cameras.  Classes can include introductions, a short meditation, instructional period, and hands on assignments.  They are very informal and meant to be light-hearted and fun.  A kind of “hang out with the artist” vibe.

As an art student at School of Visual Arts, I learned to create the best image within the camera with little work in post production.  In other words, the composition and correct exposure is captured at the time the image is taken so I rarely crop.  In post production I concentrate on keeping it real, as photojournalists would do by using the basics; cropping, spotting, dodging and burning, with some color correcting.  Thus, I teach others to create their images through the lens using the fundamentals of classic photography.  It is best to learn to “rules” of photography first, and then choose to break them. ​You need your own camera for the class (check the batteries!!!).  Pick the class that fits your camera type/skill level. Classes are usually on Wednesday evenings (except Winter) and some weekends. Classes are geared for film OR digital cameras so do not feel left out because your camera is not new or current. Please inform me of what you would like to know and I will add the needed information to the class. Reservations are required.


What People Have Said

​“Amy is the Pied Piper of Photography. Out of all the after school activities and camps my son was involved in during his school years, he like Amy’s photo safaris so much that he asked for one to celebrate a birthday. She taught them how to see their own view of the world. In short, Amy rocks!”      -Charlotte Lewis Glover, Stuart, FL. 

“Ms. Knippel has an uncanny ability to explain and teach the basics and continued elements of photography in layman’s terms that are easy to understand and apply. She infuses nature with a lesson in photography, and her students leave the session feeling closer to not only understanding how to be a better photographer, but also how to respect and enjoy the environment around them. In each session, there were ages ranging from 8-75 years old.”     -Chanel Hart, Chapel Hill, NC. 

​“Her warmth and ability to connect with people are traits that I admire in Amy. It is those traits that enable her to create such intimate photography.”     -Kallyn Silver Boerner, photojournalist for Scripps, Treasure Coast Newspapers.   and ​ 


Set Up a Class

Please call, text or email to set up a class or find out when the next one is scheduled.